How to sell Jewelry:
How to Sell your Jewelry or Diamond

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Selling your Jewelry is as easy as 1-2-3 …

Trying to sell your Jewelry? 

These are the most popular signs seen out there on the roads: 

"Highest Prices Paid for Your Diamonds!"
"Free Appraisals!"

Then comes the offer from a guy behind the counter that really drops your jaws to the floor. These are gimmicks to bring you in the store and purchase your items for less than the actual value. Appraisals are conducted for insurance purposes only, because no store would purchase an item based on appraisal value. The person or company that gives you an appraisal value would not buy your jewelry based on that value as well unless they are the buying company that is appraising it.

Many people want to know how they can maximize their returns on their jewelry, or diamonds. Our expert buyers are in the market everyday trying to study the jewelry business to be able to offer you the most for your jewelry and diamonds. Their information is current and up to date. This helps you in obtaining the most for your jewelry or diamonds.  

US Watch Buyers.com does not conduct appraisals. We are a purchasing company we send offers based on the information obtained from the seller, supply and demand of the market, and the current economy. Benefit by selling your jewelry and diamond hassle-free by dealing with experts in the field directly. We offer personal, friendly and efficient service. 

No matter which company you choose to sell your jewelry to in this market, try to make sure they are offering you the most for your jewelry. Get some information from your independent appraiser, to give you a estimate of the value of your jewelry and then try to contact a few different companies and sell to the one that offers you the best price, experience, and knowledge in the industry.

Please contact us if you have any questions in regards to selling your jewelry, diamonds or gems at info@uswatchbuyers.com or by calling our experts at 877-800-9892.

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