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Please fill out the form below to help our specialist evaluate your Diamond and send you an offer to purchase. Fill out as much information about your item, this helps our specialist in offering you the highest market value for your item. Please do not worry if you do not know the answer to some of the questions. 

When submitting the above information, I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the information supplied by me to US Watch Buyers.com is true and correct, that my name constitutes my electronic signature, which I am over 21 years of age, that I am the lawful owner of the goods for this transaction. I understand that US Watch Buyers.com is based in Los Angeles. I consent US Watch Buyers to provide a prepaid fully insured label for me to ship my watch, diamond, diamond jewelry, and gold to their office for a final inspection and agree to their Terms & Conditions.  
After submitting the form, our Watch Experts will contact you and go over the buying process. US Watch Buyers.com encourages you to make an informed decision on selling watches and vintage watches, with payment offered on the spot should you choose to sell. There is no minimum price or predetermined limit for selling watches or vintage watches. There are no fees or commissions charged to sell your watches. Consultations to buy watches are always complimentary. Sell your watches with confidence. US Watch Buyers.com is a locally owned business, serving US Markets for over 21 years. Have complete confidence when deciding to sell your watches to us: US Watch Buyers.com is the premier watch, diamond, jewelry and gold buyer in the US market.  
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