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Ship your estate and desginer jewelry for Sale today to US Watch Buyers.com and receive payment within 24 hours ! 

US Watch Buyers is an experienced estate and designer jewelry buyer, in addition to luxury watches, diamonds, gold, brand name pens.  We have over two decades of buying experience. Our experts are uptodate with the demand and prices of these items and we are positioned to offer the highest prices on your jewelry items for sale.

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A few brand names we purchase:
All Hidalgo Jewelry models will be purchased.  Please fill out our jewelry form, so our specialist can get in touch with you or give you a free quote.  The information should be filled out to the best of your knowledge.  This allows our specialist to offer you the highest value for your estate or designer jewelry.  All forms will be answered by our specialist with in 24 hours.  Please allow 48-72 hours on weekends. 
US Watch Buyers.com offers the highest prices for your estate or designer brand name jewelry.  Our experts keep up with the current world market values and market trends.  We purchase all models of men’s and ladies' jewelry pieces.  We are positioned to purchase your jewelry at the least amount of time with quickest and highest payments.  

Sell your jewelry items to US Watch Buyers and benefit with dealing with an expert-buying department that offers personal, friendly and efficient service with out any hassles.

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If you have any other questions, please email us at info@uswatchbuyers.com.
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