How to sell Vacheron Constantin:

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Selling a Rolex watch may seem difficult, but US Watch Buyers will make this process very simple.  Process of selling your Vacheron Constantin is really simple if you use our guide lines listed below:
Identify a Reputable Dealer
Our watch experts will review all aspects of your watch and give us a report.  A copy of the report will be emailed to you with our final price.
Reputable Dealers stay connected to the market, they are aware of market fluctuations.  They do not have any bad reviews online.  This way you make sure to get the best and most for your Vacheron Constantin.
Watch Information & Materials
It is important to be able to inform US Watch Buyers with the reference number (model number), Dial color of your watch.  Also if your watch has warranty papers or box.
Obtain a Quote 
Use our form to obtain a free quote on your watch.
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Send Your Watch
Use our Shipping Form to obtain a complimentary insured shipping label to ship your watch to our office for inspection.
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Watch Office Inspection 
Our shipping department will send out your check according to the offer in the email.
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